WordPress Integration
A WordPress newsletter plugin which will, without a doubt, blow your mind away with its feature set and additionally integrates flawlessly with the new WordPress interface!

With a vast range of powerful, usable, reliable and unique features, the WordPress mailing list plugin is an incomparable power tool available for you to exploit and use to its fullest potential in order to increase your market value today.

This WP newsletter plugin has been well integrated into the WordPress platform itself and uses the flexibility, power and simplicity of WordPress to ensure that you have a pleasurable experience as you create your templates, manage subscribers and send out newsletters to a large amount of users.

What does it do?
The WordPress mailing list plugin is a robust email marketing plugin for WordPress which allows you to gather unlimited email subscribers, organized into multiple mailing lists.

When the time comes to do newsletters, email promotions, events, invitations, etc. you can easily access your email subscribers and send out your mass/bulk emails to your list(s).

There are so many features built into the plugin which makes email marketing a breeze. A wide range of different configuration settings make the plugin flexible and with its integration into your WordPress website you can easily upload media, style your newsletters and send them out just the way you want them to be.

History emails and email tracking statistics show you how many of which emails you have sent out and how many of those were read. Email notifications to the administrator keep you up to date on all events like when someone unsubscribes.